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Grilled Atlantic Salmon
Char grilled salmon served on a bed of mash potato, wilted baby spinach and cherry tomatoes topped with cashew nuts and drizzled with citrus lime. Read More
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Welcome to Our Restaurant!

Our History

In the undulating hills of Chianti, located in the heart of Tuscany, a village renowned for its culinary excellence, a close knit village lived amongst the unbounded fields of vines. The eldest man of the town and his son fermented wine for their family and friends, with Chianti supply of the finest vine grapes. This wine was the foundation of celebration for this family - a drink, a cooking ingredient and a means of bringing a family of all generations together. Soon the word had circulated and Chianti's produce was the most sought after in the region and remains this way today.

In typical tradition, a great glass of wine could not be consumed without a traditional home style. So began the social celebrations with meals of pasta and pizza, prepared in a lovingly old fashioned way. wood fire ovens were hand built and served as the sole method of cooking homemade bread, pizza and baked dishes of every description. The flavour, texture and aroma were second to none.

Here at Chianti's Restaurant Kellyville we aim to keep this wonderful tradition of authentic Italian cooking, as the old way is the best way and you cannot improve upon perfection. We welcome you to enjoy the Chianti's experience and thank you for your patronage.

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Chiantis Love this place and the lamb fortuna and the double devil pizaa. Nothing can go wrong! Also love the fact that the owner came to talk to me when I came in to eat alone. Kept me company and just plain loving the conversation. Chugging back a few beers only made this bloke much more happier! Chiantis
John Caouti
Chiantis Will definitely be coming back! Absolutely loved the food, thank you for a great experience! Chiantis
Amanda Anastasiades
Chiantis Awesome food, will be coming again very soon! Great atmosphere and service too. Chiantis
Darren Jenkins
Chiantis Love the place and the amazing food!!! You can't get enough! The pasta and the pizzas are to die for! Chiantis
Christine Faddoul
Chiantis Loved the variety in the menu, absolutely love Italian food and will be recommending your restaurant. Chiantis
Corinna Delacroix
Chiantis Awesome food, especially your desserts are to die for! Thanks for a great experience. Chiantis
Steven Essa
Chiantis Delicious! Can't wait to come back! Chiantis
Celine Parent Foulard
Chiantis Been now 4 times. Love your food, full of flaver. Can't beat the hot mexican pizza which is always superb. Fantastic service. Chiantis
Hannan Faddoul Makari